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What is The Better Life Movement; A Spiritual Community?

In simple terms: "We are a Church Ministry for people who have given up on Church"!!! The word “church” is often associated with practices and ideas that are contrary to the teachings of the great spiritual masters of the ages, including Jesus Christ. “Shame” and “Guilt” are at the top of this list for many people. Yet there is much wisdom to discover when we get past the dogma, the incredible, and limiting myths that have come to be known as “Christianity”. Many people carry a lot of confusing baggage about “church” and Christianity. The creation of a ‘spiritual community’ gives us the opportunity to lay aside this old baggage and reconsider who you are and how you were created to be, you are more powerful than you’ve been told and the plan of God for your life is for a Better Experience of living now as well as eternity. This is what our spiritual community has become; a place for each of us to become ‘One word, Two syllables’…BETTER! Each of us are unique powerful spiritual beings. We need to discover our God given authority as we were created to be. The ‘spiritual community’ denotes we have created a special place and a special community where your own unique discovery to God is valued as an even Better Life is experienced. We honor your commitment to knowing the truth of who you are and what you can become. We support and nurture you in exploring and developing your personal pathway to knowing and experiencing God. We are thankful and joyful that you have joined us in your journey. Our 'Better Life Spiritual Community’ This is a place where you can explore your spiritual nature without being shunned or excluded as your values and beliefs change and evolve over time. Our ‘spiritual community’ is a supportive spiritual home where you can receive support from others and give support to others who, like you, are using their lives to move closer to the awareness of God’s presence while building a Better relationship with Christ to experience a Better Life!

“Who do you think will respond to this idea of a Spiritual Community?”

There are a lot of people that will be receptive to this idea. A couple of surveys conducted within the Spiritual Community stated that about 90% of the US population believe in a “higher power” but only about 40% consider themselves to be members of a church (i.e. attend a church, temple, synagogue, or mosque at least once a month).

What happened to the other 50%?

Students of church growth consider these to be the “unchurched”. If the 50% statistic is correct, that’s 50% of the population that are “unchurched” or who have left the Church structure due to some sort of relational hurt in the church known as CHURCH Hurt. This statistic is even higher among the millennial generation today, it's about 65% that are unchurch or left the church due to some sort of church hurt or just don't attend, however they want a relationship with God......

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........A significant number of these people are looking for exactly what we have to offer. The challenge for us is to become known.

Perhaps I can make the point with these propositions:

If people are aware of, or accept the possibility of a Divine Presence in the Universe, but are not willing to be force-fed a predefined set of traditional religious limiting beliefs, then the ‘spiritual community’ might be for them.


If they are interested in exploring their connection with the Spirit without being condemned for their skepticism, maybe the ‘spiritual community’ will provide them the enriching quest they are seeking.


If they yearn for a community of like-minded people that are open to new ideas and perspectives, and do not require that the newcomers believe as they do, then the ‘Better Life Empowerment Spiritual Community’ just might be what they’re looking for.


If those people look at scripture as a source of wisdom and guidance, then the ‘Spiritual Community’ may be where they learn to experience themselves as a Child of the Most High. If they are willing to explore the possibility that their purpose in life is to become fully conscious of their Divine nature, then the  ‘The Better Life Spiritual Community’ might be the starting point of a fulfilling and glorious evolution of heart, mind and body to give them a Better Life Experience.

We invite you to Join The Better Life Movement Today! 


We have multiple options for you to become a Partner/Member and be empowered in The BetterLife Movement, A Spiritual Community; be it Live and/or Online. This is for the person or family who is serious about true life change or wants to be a part of a ministry focused on being the hands of God in Word and Deed. We invite you to become a member at any of our locations Nationwide as we focus on empowering people for a Better Life starting with you and your family.

See details below for service locations and how you can become a member of this ministry.

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Prayer Manifestation Gathering


We welcome you to join us at one of our locations where you will be taught the principles of Better;  that when it is applied to your life it will cause you to experience Better Living.  These services are for those who want to learn about Better, and become what God created you to be.

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Better Life Periscope "PeriCAST"

Join our New 2020... Better Life Seeker PeriCASTs. These gatherings and periCAST are all high energy Broadcast designed to inspire you through powerful practical, awesome insight and incredible teachings. You will be challenged to change for Better while motivated to move beyond the frustrations of your now.  This Time will be Powerful, and Personal; now in a Better Way.


Better Life Ministry Line:

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"Join us online for a Better Life Offline"

We invite you to join in to our Online location designed for those who want the teachings of Better Life; as time or working schedules may not permit you to attend live services.

Our online location has been blessing to those who live out side of Florida or reside around the world.

Our ministry leaders offer a special Wednesday @12 noon Lunch Time with God (Live Bible StudyCAST)

We also offer a special Prayer and PowerCAST for those who want to grow deeper in the Better Life while understanding the scriptures in a more personal application. These teachings are held:

 Saturday Mornings @9am (E.S.T.)

Hour of Power (Live prayer and PowerCAST)

Wednesday: Lunch Time With God Bible StudyCAST 12 noon EST/11am central:

How to Become a Partner/Member here in our Better Life Spiritual Community .

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Attend our Discover Better Life Introductory class:

This is the first step to becoming a member; attending a Discover Better Life Class. This class is usually scheduled online. Contact the church 1.833.622.8669 ext.0 (office line) and speak with our Administrative team or sign up online below after any of our services online or live in your area.

Attend a community gathering in your area

We are elated that you have or are choosing Better Life to be your church/ministry home & Spiritual community. It is with great joy that we open our hearts and home to you and your family as we grow and develop in the Better Life of God through a closer walk with God. Discovering Better Life is a workshop-style online event for 45 min. and can be experienced from the comfort of your Home, where you will be presented with an overview of our doctrine (teachings), history, where we are going, ministry choices, how to get involved, etc. Discover Better Life is a great way to efficiently learn more about what goes on at Better Life The Movement Inc. and to help you decide how you'd like to be a member and serve here. To sign up for the Discover Better Life introductory class. Fill out the form below; then click I'm excited about being a Partner/Member.