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Better Life The Movement online "i.Campus" experience!

WELCOME To Better Life online iCampus         experience!


iCampus with Pastors  A.L. & LaShelle Blue is an online church ministry & gathering available in every state and country around the globe.


As you know, our God knows no boundaries and our iCampus family is able to worship and fellowship together during live services as well as grow together every day of the week.

Join Pastors A.L. & LaShelle Blue for live online services every Sunday at 1:30 pm and 6:30 pm Eastern and Wednesday for Mid Week Bible StudyCAST @ 11am Central/12 noon EST weekly.



                                    WHAT IS iCampus?

The iCampus experience does not stop with an inspirational word from Pastors A.L. & LaShelle Blue. Every Week, our staff and community fellowship, pray, and worship with each other in our live chat. 

Once services are done, there are numerous other ways to connect and grow through Better Life Community gathering groups, volunteering, and our Facebook group. And if you miss a Teaching service, you can always go back and watch it on YouTube and or listen on our podcast Link below our podcast broadcast on 9 different platforms.