Thursday, January 23, 2020

Most churches love to bless their Pastors and spiritual Leaders.

I am asked frequently; how can the church  help me?

To be a Pastor of a National church Ministry as Better Life Movement is a privilege and a high honor, but it’s the hardest work we've ever done and here's 

                                how you can help us.

Here are five gifts you can give your Pastor:

1. Your Understanding Of Time.

Acts 6:1-2, Ephesians 5:31. 

(applies to the Pastor’s marriage too).

The Pastor needs time away from the ministerial responsibilities and activities of the church so that he can commit time to his family and to the ministry of the Word of God. (It's called a Spiritual Sabbatical.)

Every activity done in the church is important, according to God’s word, but the primary responsibility of the Pastor is to teach God’s word. I have witnessed so many Pastors who burn out because too many demands are placed upo...

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Focus your faith and activate the "Law of Better" with my our new inspirational video & teachings series: "BetterLifeology©". Coming soon!

We often look for answers in life without first considering the reason why God created us. It can be difficult pursuing Better when you don't know the purpose of your being. You can go back and forth, up one minute and down the next? Think about it; what are some of the events or thoughts that seem to elevate you or depress you about your Life?

Our five senses represent our personal GPS – grounding us on the earth in the physical realm. Faith is sometimes a challenge to our sensibility; after all, it means our belief in something that our senses really cannot fully process. And here in lies the struggle: our minds are so practical, so at times fixed, so convincing that anything that questions their ability to ground us must be sensitive. Indeed faith can fit that bill.

When you are in your place of worship, let’s say in church on Easter, you likel...

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