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As Pastors, Pastor LaShelle and I are constantly hearing from certain members and believers nationwide on how they don't understand why they're not blessed by God even though they are tithers? have you ever felt that way?

  In this powerful Book Pastors A.L. & LaShelle Blue  lifts and shares powerful insight on how God blesses the person who is Generous and gives beyound the tithe. In this easy to understand book...We’re going to provide answers to 5 questions. 


*What is first fruit?


*What the Bible says about first fruits?


*What’s the Difference between first fruits and tithing. 


*Why giving first fruits is important? *


*How to give a first fruits offering?


The concept of first fruits is rooted in biblical times when people lived in an agrarian society. Harvest time was significant because that was when the hard work the farmers had poured into their crops all year began to pay off. They were literally reaping what they sowed.


God called his people to bring the first yield—the first fruits—from their harvest to him as an offering. This was to demonstrate the Israelites’ obedience and reverence for God. It also showed that they trusted God to provide enough crops to feed their family.


Dont miss understanding the importance of the First Fruit Offering and how God Blesses the person, family, or community who is determined... I'M PUTTING GOD FIRST!

2021 I'm Putting God First! "In God we trust edition " First Fruit offering

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