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Pastor LaShelle Blue

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Phone - 1-877-708-BETTER (2388) EXT. 702

Pastor Lashelle, Known by many as an inspirational woman of God, who leads with wisdom and grace; preaches with authority, teaches with tenacity and prophesies with Power. Pastor LaShelle has impacted the lives of countless women who desire BETTER. As a Pastor, the Lord has led her to teach, train and empower women to become BETTER wives to their husbands, BETTER mothers to their children, and BETTER followers of Christ.

Her ministry along with husband Pastor Blue, specializes in Reaching the Least, Lost and Left Behind through powerful personal growth teachings in the areas of : Better Life Development, Prayer, Fasting, the character of God, Meditation, Manifestation, Christian fellowship and Spiritual empowerment enhancing every person to Live the BETTER LIFE Through Christ.

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