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Wealth Empowerment Centers of America



W.E.C.O.A. is a company that exist to empower individuals and organizations in the concepts and principles in wealth empowerment and money management, through the awareness and acquisition of gold and silver precious metals; promoting wealth creation and building, while protecting individuals and families from inflation that will lead to poverty, therefore, establishing economic salvation.

The Wealth Empowerment Center Of America, (WECOA) provides personal financial management education through seminars, training, workshops, classes, one-on-one counseling, and coaching.


Services we provide include:





Creating a budget


Debt-elimination strategies 

Weath Building Strateges

Savings in precious metals through 

a Monthly Savings Plan


Gold/Silver Acquisitions


Shop our  Gold & Silver Precious Metals Products:
For more information:  
Dial 1.877.708.Better(2388) EXT. 700
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