Better Life

"What will your life Become in this new Decade?"

"We are a church for people who've given up on traditional church" 

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"What will your life Become in this new Decade?"


 "We are a church for people who've given up on traditional church" what does this mean?


We believe God has a purpose for everyone and that none of us are called to sit on the sidelines.  As a church Ministry, we want to do whatever we can to help people walk closer to God and experience the “BETTER Life”  through Christ and the hope that He has for them.  We have something for everyone.

We’re all on a journey to become more like Jesus – loving God, loving people, building  people for the  Better Life for we are BETTER together.


There are 4 ways in which you can serve with us in 2021':

  • Weekly Online Worship Gatherings

  • Serve at our ministry, weekend (Saturdays & Sundays) area outreaches. Faith in Action!

  • Connect to a Better Life community gathering groups in your area. (Wednesday Nights)

  • Impact our world with local and international missions, including our Better Life Gatherings and Encounters..... (Our live Teaching & Evangelical meetings).

Focus Forward Fast

This Fast is designed for spiritual, mental and physical focus on prioritizing and becoming better in and through the word of God by gaining the necessary insight, wisdom and strategy to FINISH STRONG in 2021. 


We are preparing to experience an overflow of Blessings that we won’t have room enough to receive in and from this fast. 21 days can make or break a habit and we’re declaring that this three week time of thinking/speaking God's word and putting it into practice will build within us greater spiritual stamina that will yield us the Harvest that has been promised (spiritually, physically, mentally & relationally/socially). Are you ready to Focus Forward towards the promises of God? 

This Focus Forward Fast Focuses Are: 


-A time to focus forward on what is to come (2021’s 4th quarter strategy to fulfill dreams, goals, accomplishments, breakthroughs)



-A time for mid course correction (improving any areas of weaknesses, strengthening your strengths, removing distractions and disturbances to your productivity.)



-A time for restructuring your Manifestation 5 list (putting emphasis on the individual items on your list both removals & additions. Switch out any fulfilled accomplishments/breakthroughs and put in new ones.)



This Focus Forward Fast will consist of a daily “Focus Scripture” to be recited from a believing heart and applied to your daily circumstances, situations and occurrences.


*** Please take at least a 15 minute daily time of  meditation & fellowship with God 


***Please keep a journal or digital notes for daily insight, fresh revelation, breakthroughs & or questions daily. 


*** This is not a fast from food, rather from doubt, fear, disbelief, unproductiveness & negativity. However, let the Holy Spirit lead you in your food selections to create a better & healthier lifestyle. 

Manifestation Testimony

Thanks for submitting your testimony, You are the Light that shines with possibility for a Better Life Experience.


“Pray! Listen to God! Then Take action. When we do the possible God does the impossible! Its a co-operation concept God works with you and within you!

 You're More powerful than you Know - Pastor A.L.Blue Sr.

Better Life "A Spiritual Community" What does this mean?


What is ‘’The Better Life Spiritual Community?


Better Life is known as “The Movement


A place where spirituality is more important than religion.


Throughout the week, we offer the following ways to meet: services, classes, workshops, group meetings, social activities, outreaches, 

LIVE online gatherings and tele-conference gatherings.

In simple terms:

We are a Church for people who have given up on Traditional Church!!!

You Are Better!
2021 Im putting God First _In God we Tru

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(Because we have Partners not Just Members).


Daily Morning PrayerCAST

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Join Our NEW  Create the Day Morning PrayerCAST (Only 15 Min)
Monday-Friday @ 7am EST / 6am CT/ 5am Mst


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 Join us on our New Mentorship & Teaching platform

 @BetterLifeology .

What is @BetterLifeology? .....

These are principal driven teachings that are designed to empower the believer's life in real time manifestation.  Using the scriptures, promises, and principles of God, are all designed to enhance and advance those who believe.  With these empowering techniques students and participants will be able to create a better reality; better than the current one experienced. 


BetterLifeology is a new way of living that is focused on allowing your Life to be lived from a victorious and creative perspective. 




You will learn how to Focus Your Faith and activate the “Law of Better” within your life through our new Inspirational Video Series & Teaching Platform "BetterLifeology"©.




To our Partners & Members to obtain a "FREE" copy of this Book and preparation guide email us at:

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Life was meant to be GOOD


You were meant to be BETTER     

-Pastor A.L. Blue


GOD Created your Life, However its up to YOU to Create the LEVEL of your living. You're a  co-creator! - Pastor A.L.Blue

Dr. A.L.BLue Sr., Senior Pastor/Spiritual Teacher
Better Life The Movement Worldwide & Spiritual Community

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It's The Season Of "Suddenly"


A Season of:


***Supernatural Strength




A Season of Abundance & Overflow that'll sustain and remain in your life.


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