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7 Key Steps To experiencing the Better Life.

Focus your faith and activate the "Law of Better" with my new inspirational video & teachings series: "BetterLifeology".

We often look for answers in life without first considering the reason why God created us. It can be difficult pursuing Better when you don't know the purpose of your being. You can go back and forth, up one minute and down the next? Think about it; what are some of the events or thoughts that seem to elevate you or depress you about your Life?

Our five senses represent our personal GPS – grounding us on the earth in the physical realm. Faith is sometimes a challenge to our sensibility; after all, it means our belief in something that our senses really cannot fully process. And here in lies the struggle: our minds are so practical, so at times fixed, so convincing that anything that questions their ability to ground us must be sensitive. Indeed faith can fit that bill.

When you are in your place of worship, let’s say in church on Easter, you likely will feel some type of sensation that is difficult to explain. Maybe you will feel empowerment from something the Pastor/speaker is saying. Or maybe, it’s the surrounding humanity that empowers you and inspires you to believe God for Better. 

However, drifting you back from that high will be the reality of your senses as you return to the “real” world. Where doubt can settle in. Maybe it will be your children arguing, or the car that cuts you off on your way home, or the bills waiting for you on the kitchen table. The slightest event can send off a chain reaction of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that quickly bury even the deepest desire for Better.  

Since our “real” world is what we sense as familiar, comfortable, and what is most known to us, it is what our brain—our automatic brain—will fight and flee to keep us in. In other words, our brain will fight and flee faith in the Better Life…and that is why our focus at times is so fragile.

So how do we re-program our focus and awareness of the Better Life to make faith and expectation more durable? 

It means making faith in Better Living a habit, and that takes daily practice.

Here are seven (7) suggestions:

1. Join our daily morning PrayerCAST. Dial in at 218.862.3436 - 5555#  Monday - Friday @ 7am EST. appox 15 min. —here  I teach daily  lessons and ideas to bolster your faith and enhance your awareness of Better Living. 

2. Maintain a Daily Better Life journal—recognizing daily coincidences and expectations that can defy logic and reason can restore faith. Also, create a Vision Board of how you see your Better Life.

3. Pray or meditate daily—  “When we pray, we talk to God. When we meditate, God talks to us.” this is one of the secrets of a Better Life Seeker.

4. Look for any opportunity to help someone else—even while you are building your Better Experience in faith. Helping another person can help you find greater purpose in your Better Life journey. 

5. Listen to positive uplifting Music—although we experience music through our senses, the way it evokes emotion is impractical and does not follow any physical laws.

6. Believe For Better through tough circumstances—stress causes great physical anguish, which literally takes our focus away. Step back breathe, and believe for Better. Tune in to our Better Life Experience,  broadcast on , for real life tools on how to become Better also visit:

7. Maintaining faith for the Better Life in God, need not be a struggle. Look forward to each day that you will work to reaffirm the habits of Better. Once the BetterLife becomes your new normal, you will no longer fight and flee allowing your higher mind to bring you to a Better Level of Living. Learn how by joining us for our "Live" Better Life Encounter where we teach on touching, agreeing and interceding in prayer and meditation  online Every Thursday @7:30pm. EST.

© BetterLifeology With A.L.Blue,

Focus Your Faith and Activate the Law of Better with my new Inspirational Video series "BetterLifeology". 

What is BetterLifeology ? .....

These are principal driven teachings that are designed to empower the believers life in real time manifestation. The Scriptures, promises, and principles of God, all designed to enhance and advance those who believe, with these empowering techniques students and participants will be able to create a better reality. Better then the current one experienced.

Betterlifeology Is a new way of living focus on allowing Life to be lived from a victorious and creative perspective.

Pastor A.L.Blue,  Better Life Teacher, Bible Teacher, Author, Senior Pastor and media personality. 

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