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Pastor A.L.Blue Sr.

Email -

Phone - 1-877-88-BETTER (2388)

A A charismactic leader, visionary & prolific bible teacher, as well as a media personality and minister of the gospel who flows with a prophetic voice that is anchored in deep biblical truths, easily understood by the youngest as well as the most mature believers. His ministry has been marked by strong deliverances, financial breakthroughs and personal life changes. As a Behavior Change Specialist and Better Life Teacher, Pastor Blue's teachings and messages focuses on increase in the areas of finances, personal empowerment, relationships and emotional balance,all focused on outreach. His ministry specializes in reaching the Least, Lost and Left behind through powerful personal growth teachings in the areas of: Better Life Development, Prayer,Fasting, the character of God, manifestation and Spiritual empowerment enhancing every person to Live the BETTER LIFE Through Christ.


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